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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.17.05]
Manufactured by: Ahanix


The Interior

As with the optical drive, the installation of hard drives necessitated the removal of the drive bracket by unscrewing 4 screws. Hard drives then needed to be screwed in. No rails here. In fact, no rails at all in this case. I did like this bracket quite a bit as it fit three drives very comfortably.

Installing it back into the case and adding a motherboard brings us to here. Pictured is an mATX board and as you can see, there is plenty of space to fit everything. The layout of this case was simply top notch and I had no issues whatsoever removing or installing hardware save for the hassle needed to install devices.

Cooling duties are handled by a pair of 60mm fans. I was expecting these to be a little loud, but they weren't too bad at all. The fans exhibited excellent audio characteristics and the noise signature was closer to a dull hum as opposed to a high pitched whine. To the right is the custom PSU for this case. It did not appear as though there was space to put in a standard sized PSU. Perhaps a little more notable was the fact that the PSU lacked an external safety switch. That was not so good...

Finally, we have the PCI slots. As you can see, the top of the case is very close to the tops of the PCI cards which means no tool-less brackets. HTPC cases usually do not have their components swapped out on a consistent basis so the tool-less design isn't as bad as I make it out to be.

Finally, we have the Samsung VFD which can be customized to display almost whatever you want.

Read on for the software and conclusion!

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