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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.17.05]
Manufactured by: Ahanix


The Exterior

Flipping the case over, we see the that Ahanix decided to go with the HT style feet for only the front of the case. We also see vents cut into the bottom of the case which allow for airflow to the hard drives.


Looking at the back of the case, we see the installed 350W PSU along with a pair of 60mm cooling fans. There's also the parallel adapter for the front display. Note that this case has no problems at all fitting full sized expansion cards.

The case is opened by unscrewing 3 screws found on each side of the top door. As nice as thumbscrews would have been, it would not have been practical for this case.

Looking at the top door, we can see a vent for the dedicated CPU duct as well as a vent to allow for hot air from the video card to rise out of the case.

Flipping the door over, we see an adjustable CPU duct. Very nice so far!

Let's take a look inside...

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