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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.17.05]
Manufactured by: Ahanix



When Ahanix was just starting in 2001, Hauppauge was but a funny word to most people and Windows XP had just been launched. HTPC certainly has come a long way since then. Ahanix has certainly been around the block and the fact that they were contracted by Alienware to make cases for their HTPC line certainly speaks volumes about their products. We've taken a look at a lot of Silverstone HTPC cases so we thought we'd mix it up a little by taking a look at Ahanix's newest product, their MCE601.

As you can see from the photo, this case would not look out of place in any home theatre. I must admit, it reminded me of a NAD amplifier. Simple, understated and solid. The case itself is made from 1/8" steel which is very surprising because it was a fair bit lighter than expected. So far, it's looking good!

Zooming in to the front now, we see a power and reset button. The action on these was absolutely solid, but at the same time was a little different from what is normally found on cases. Instead of being pushed in, the buttons seemed to just click. It was interesting to say the least.

To the right of the case, we have an exposed 5.25" and a very well machined door.

Opening the door reveals the 3.5" bays along with the USB, Firewire and Audio front ports. I must say, the action on this door was perfect. It opened very smoothly, felt heavy and had absolutely no play whatsoever. One thing that did concern me was that the 3.5" bay did not come with a drive cover. Considering the price of this case, you'd think that something like this would be included. Of course, if you have a 3.5" drive, then there's no problem!

Let's look at the back of the case...

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