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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.10.05]
Manufactured by: Logitech


The Satellites

Unlike the Z-680's, you won't be embarassed to have these sitting around your widescreen monitor.

The satellite enclosures are attached to plastic feet, which can swivel 180 degrees for wall mounting. The feet have holes in them, to further facilitate this type of mounting. Unfortunately, the speakers can't be swiveled vertically, so you are quite limited with how you can mount them. It's obvious that the Z-5500 are more suitable for PC systems than anything else.

The center unit is identical to the rest of the units, but is mounted on a stand horizontally. Unlike the other units though, it offers a wide range of vertical adjustment.

Logitech opted to use full range phase plug drivers, with the tweeter and woofer integrated as one. This has its advantages and disadvantage. The main advantage of course is size; the speaker housing doesn't need to be as big to hold just one speaker unit. Also, having the sound come from the same source generally improves imaging. Of course the disadvantage is that no single unit speaker setup can be as precise as an individual tweeter/woofer setup. Still, the difference should be acceptable to those looking for a $300 set of speakers.

The ports on the sats are situated on the rear this time, which should help eliminate port whistle. The use of ported enclosures across the entire system helps Logitech get nice sound level results from just around 500W of power (divide that by 6 speakers, and it doesn't look like such a big number anymore). However, this is often done at the expense of more precise sound. Is this the case here?

On the back of the satellite units, you will find clip terminals for the speaker cables. This is obviously an advantage over integrated cables, as you're able to use any speaker cables you want, be they longer or shorter than the original cables included.

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