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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.05.05]
Manufactured by: Abit



Armed with an amazing amount of CPU settings, we took our OCZ PC4400 memory to the absolute limits; all the way up to 275 MHz, with a multiplier setting of 6.5. This isn't a CPU overclocking test, so we kept the multiplier low to find out how hard this board can be pushed. And if you can push OCZ ram to the limits, you know you're doing something right.

By the way, this beats our previous socket 939 overclocking record of 269 MHz (which was held by another Abit board; the VIA based AV8).

So you decided to go with an SLI setup for your next rig. Probably going to pair it up with a 3000+ Venice, which can be had for under $150 at such places as Obviously you're intending on overclocking that Venice to the absolute limits. To take it there, you're going to need some capable memory, like OCZ's new Enhanced Latency PC4800, with timings as low as 2.5-4-4-10 at 600 MHz. A gig of that goes for $255 at

Now you need a motherboard.. What are your choices? The Asus A8N SLI is absolutely everywhere. But can it OC like a bitch? Does it have absolute full control over fan speeds? How about integrated temperature and voltage monitoring like you've never seen before? Nope.

That leaves the DFI Lanparty boards. But it is bloated with extra features you don't need, driving the price up. And again, it doesn't have uGuru.

That leaves you with Abit. They have two boards for you at this level: The "Fatal1ty" AN8 SLI, and the AN8 SLI we looked at today.

From here, you have to decide if the $100 price premium is worth it for a uGuru panel, which is pretty damn cool, but not "almost twice the price" cool.

The AN8 SLI. That's the board for you; no other will do. No other board does such a fantastic job of giving you exactly what you need, and absolutely nothing you don't.

If you can't tell by now, I am blown away by uGuru. Its implementation is almost perfect, and offers you more benefit than things like extra ethernet controllers and PCI based RAID controllers you'll never want to use.

The AN8 did pretty much everything else right too. Performance is top notch, layout is nearly perfect, and our sample was solid as a rock in weeks of testing.

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  • uGuru. Nuff said.
  • Low price for an SLI board
  • Superb overclocker
  • Great layout
  • Silent OTES eliminates the need for a small noisy chipset fan

  • AC'97 audio, no matter how you package it, still sucks
  • Some people may have to buy extra components that other boards already have
  • Only one USB bracket is included

Final Score: 99%