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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.01.05]
Manufactured by: Tyan



Though overclocking isn't supported in the BIOS, the Tyan supports some of the basic functions such as memory timings and HT speeds. Using the NTune software, we were able to overclock the Opterons to 2.096 ghz from 1.8 ghz. At this speed, the system ran multiple copies of Prime95 for 36 hours without any hiccups.

We actually got higher overclocks than this, but got memory errors. With better memory, I suspect that we could have taken these CPUs even further.

With the introduction of the K8WE, Tyan has once again shown itself to be a first class manufacturer of motherboards. Though the early BIOS that we used was unstable, the latest version proved to be excellent in terms of enabling functions such as PowerNow! as well as improving system stability.

The dual 16x PCIe slots will definitely prove to be advantageous in the future and the board was as full featured as once could ask for. The fact that you can actually overclock this motherboard to the levels that we got to is a testiment to the fine engineering that went into this board.

Though the dual PCIe 16x implementation was impressive, the audio implementation on this board was severly lacking. The layout could also have been better as the sideways SATA ports were cumbersome to work with and the sandwiching of the PCI slot between the PCIe 16x slots was not the best of decisions. It also would have been nice to see another four SATA-II Ports, but looking at the board, it doesn't look like there is anywhere to put them!

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  • Dual 16x PCIe slots
  • Overclocks well
  • Rock Solid stability

  • Terrible audio implementation
  • Funky sideways SATA ports
  • PCI slot between the PCIe 16x slots

Final Score: 93%