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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [08.01.05]
Manufactured by: Tyan


Ethernet Performance

We used NTTCP to test the Ethernet throughput and CPU usage. The host system was an Intel 875 motherboard with a Intel gigabit solution. The Iwill seemed to have issues and was severly crippled on this test. The Tyan was able to post some decent numbers, unfortunately, the CPU usage was quite high.

USB and Firewire Performance

To test USB2.0 and FireWire performance, we connected an external USB 2.0 hard drive to the bus, and ran HDTach's Quick 8MB test. Average Read and Write speeds are given, as well as a CPU usage test, which has a margin of error of +/- 2%

I've never seen USB performance that could surprise Firewire performance, but well, we have it here. I thought I was going crazy so I ran these tests six times each and got the same results every time.

On another note, the CPU usage on the USB ports was a little high at about 5-8% under load, but when one has dual CPUs... it doesn't really matter much!


The onboard audio for the Tyan is provided by an Analog Devices 1981B Codec which means that it supports the AC97 codec. Unfortunately, the Tyan implementation is crippled to say the least. Though the codec has support for S/PDIF output and multiple channels, the K8W only have support for 2 channels and has no provisions what so ever for digital out.

Thus, those who game will want a different sound card as will those who use this motherboard in a mixing system. Want 5.1 surround sound for your DVDs? Buy a soundcard! The only people who would use the onboard sound aren't likely to care about audio fidelity or gaming performance so we've decided to omit them from this review.

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