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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.28.05]
Manufactured by: Silverstone


Installation continued

Due to the unique design of the case, one cannot just mount the power supply as with other cases. Instead, one must first remove the backplate of the case and then slide in the powersupply like a backdoor bandit.

With the power supply installed, it's time to install the hard drives. Save for motherboard and power supply mounting, the case is completely tool less. There hard drive is mounted on a set of steel rails that simply snap on.

It then slides into the bays right under the power supply. The idea here is that the exhaust fan of the power supply provides the hard drives with the neccessary cooling. During usage, the hard drives were still a little on the hot side so it would have been nice to have another fan blowing up. Of course, doing so would require the case be taller by another 2" or so.

This case has plenty of room and one can stuff six hard drives in just this one bay.

The optical drives are attached using a similar rail to the TJ-05 case which caused me to worry as I had major issues with the way that they worked.

Fortunately for me (and users everywhere), there were no issues with installing or removing the optical drives. One can also add up to five 5.25" devices here which should be more than enough for anything. Very nice!

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