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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.28.05]
Manufactured by: Silverstone


The Tunnel!

The Silverstone is no ordinary case and we can see that from the position of the intake fans. The top fan you see is an 80mm Silverstone fan that helps with the cooling for the rest of the case. The airflow was quite restricted by the plastic in front of it so a little work with a pair of cutters quickly fixed that.

The 120mm fan you see is there solely for the purpose of cooling the CPU heatsink(s). Remember when I mentioned that the PCI slots were on the wrong side of the case? Well, that was because the motherboard is mounted upside down in this case!

That positions the heatsinks right at the bottom to facilitate the wind tunnel which is THE selling feature of the Silverstone. The tunnel is made of a solid piece of plastic which isolates the CPU heatsink(s) from the rest of the case. The tunnel serves two purposes. Firstly, it keeps the airflow of the intake and exhaust fans going in one direction so you get optimal cooling over your heatsink. Secondly, it traps in the hot gases from the heatsinks in the bottom of the case which makes it easier to cool the rest of your case. How well did it work? For the Opteron system tested, the load tempuratures dropped by 5 degrees when using this case as opposed to the TJ-05 which the system was previously in. It works!

Also note the mount for the top 80mm fan was modified to allow for better airflow.   

Another thing that should be noted at this point is that this case is very spacious. It had absolutely no problems fitting an E-ATX sized Tyan motherboard in it. An added side benefit of having the motherboard placed as so is that it allows for neater cable routing. The downside is that depending on how your motherboard is laid out, you might have issues with the length of your power supply ATX connector.

Let's see how everything else goes into the case...

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