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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.28.05]
Manufactured by: Silverstone


The outside of the case

The Silverstone is quite a tall case so it has a set of stabilizing feet that swing out to keep things from tipping over. Even without them swung out, the case was quite stable.

Going to the side of the case, we can see that the case has the usual usb, firewire and audio ports. Nothing too much to say about them except that they are there and useful as ever.

The front panel of the case is made out of machined aluminum and looks very good if I don't say so myself. The machined pattern you see allows for easy airflow into the case for cooling. As with all Silverstone cases, the power buttons had a nice solid feel to them.

The door itself is held in place with a lock and swings out as shown to allow for easy installation of the various optical devices that you may want to add. Also note the grille for a 120mm fan on the bottom. What could it possibly be for?

Let's open the case to find out!

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