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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.21.05]
Manufactured by: Sorell

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After looking at the audio quality results, it's clear that there is a significant increase in quality by going with at least a well designed MP3 player. I have been quite happy with the Creative MuVo slim. Both it and the Sorell sound noticably better than the China MP3 player.

With a ton of features packed into this little unit, it would almost be a lock over other devices in its range. There are definitely some other good choices in this range, but the SF2000 has enough advantages that I'd almost recommend it over anything. The screen is awesome, the sound quality is there, and the battery life is superb. And little 'extras' like Line In and FM recording, a good navigation system, with bookmarking put it over even more.

I'd almost recommend it over everything.

But there are two major flaws; first of all, the very biggest capacity available on the SF2000 is a mere 512MB. That's considered a minimum for most people. A 256MB player isn't going to hold many songs, unless you compress them to the level that they are almost unplayable. We saw that the SF2000 has full potential in terms of quality, so there's no reason not to use 192 kbps or more. The low capacity is holding it back.

The other issue is USB1.1 support. With a write speed of 0.7 MB/s, it will take over 6 minutes to fill the 256 MB version up. You'll almost be glad that there's such a small amount of space!

You might be wondering how the headphones are. Well, to be honest, it doesn't matter. I'd definitely give Sorell accolades for including some decent headphones (they don't), but nobody else does, so it doesn't matter. Whether you buy a $50 Made in China special, or a $600 iPod, the headphones suck. On top of that, people have very independent tastes on what kind of headphones they prefer. Some like plastic in-ear headphones, some like over-the-head, some like clips, etc, etc. Do yourself a favour, and pick up some new headphones, if you're using whatever came with the player you're using.

At the very least, the SF2000 has my interest piqued; I can't wait to see what Sorell has in store for the future. Here's hoping they can usher in a new appreciation for Korean products (as long as it doesn't drive the prices up!)

  • Kick ass EL display
  • Plays WMA, MP3, and OGG
  • Doesn't require crap software
  • Lots of features like bookmarking, recording, EQ, SRS, lyrics, etc
  • Integrated USB plug

  • Small storage for the price
  • USB 1.1 speed
  • Poorly written manual
  • Complicated interface

Final Score: 88%