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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.18.05]
Manufactured by: ECS


The Test

We'll be comparing the KN1 Extreme to another NF4 based board we are currently testing; the Abit AN8 SLI. Both the NF4 Ultra and SLI have the exact same features (minus, of course, the SLI being marked to support SLI), so performance should be about equal. To make things interesting, we threw in a VIA K8T890 based board, the Soltek SL-K890 Pro.

Most budget-minded AMD buyers right now have to look at VIA K8T890 boards. This is unfortunate, because they are severely lacking compared to NFORCE4 boards. What the KN1 does, is offer an NFORCE4 Ultra motherboard at budget prices. Take a look at the chart above; the KN1 Extreme can be had for under $100! Even if it isn't "Extreme", that is certainly a bargain. And now you can find out what it looks like compared to another $100 board.

CPU: AMD Athlon64 FX55
Memory: Kingston HyperX PC4300 3-4-4-8, 1T Timing
Video: ATI X800 XL w/ Catalyst 5.6 Drivers
Hard Drive: Western Digital Raptor 36 GB SATA150

Chipset drivers for NF4 boards: 6.53
Chipset drivers for K8T890: 500A

OS Version: WindowsXP Professional with SP2, DirectX 9.0C

Thanks to for supplying us with the CPU.

As usual, we start off with a Memory Bandwidth test. Even though the memory controller is on the CPU itself, and these results should be identical, that is not always the case across different chipsets:

Sure enough, scores are almost identical. The VIA board falls a bit behind already though.

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