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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.18.05]
Manufactured by: ECS


The Contents

When you first open the KN1 and peer inside, it looks like you're getting a lot of goodies. Thrown on top of the pile is an ethernet cable. When was the last time a motherboard came with one of these? Could the Extreme be the next "Lanparty" in terms of bundled goods?

Maybe not...

If you've read some of our motherboard reviews, you might have noticed that one of our pet peeves is an insufficient bundle in the box. By this, I mean having the board sport 6 or 8 SATA headers, but only include two cables. Same thing goes for USB headers; if you're going to have the board support 10 USB ports, you better include all 10 ports in the box!

Budget boards are often guilty of this (although it's not often they feature extra SATA or USB headers), and the KN1 is no exception.

You get one USB bracket, which doubles as the FireWire bracket. That means out of the box, the KN1 will only grant access to 6 of its 10 USB ports.

Almost as an insult, ECS includes a 3.5" USB header converter, which you can use with the ONE bracket you get. So you can have your extra USB ports (and ONLY FireWire ports, as there are none on the rear panel) on the back, or the front of your PC.

Good luck routing the cables all the way to the bottom of the board when using this panel though...

The rest of the bundle is your common assortment of goods; mostly everything necessary to get everything to work, and not much more. All 6 SATA cables are included. However when I looked at the IDE cables, I was reminded once again that ECS still hasn't shed their budget-minded tendencies:

Nevermind that you only get 2 IDE cables when there are 3 headers on the board, take a close look at one of them... A 40 pin/40 conducter cable! When was the last time you saw one of these? Granted, optical devices don't need anything more than this, but this is yet another reminder that the KN1 is only "Extreme" in cost-cutting, when it comes to the bundle.

Now to get to the CMOS...

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