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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.13.05]
Manufactured by: Wacom


Real World Usage

I'll say it now, the mouse was not the most useful of things.  While I had no problems with the response time or the layout of the buttons, the biggest issue I found was that you had a very limited area in which to work with as the mouse had to be on the tablet.

Apart from that pet peeve, the pens worked great. The default settings were spot on for my preferences (and even if they aren't, they are easily changed).  I was really liking the new size of the pen as it was much more comfortable than the original.

The 6d pen worked well and I was generally impressed by the way it worked in Photoshop. One thing that I wish the drivers/photoshop supported was the ability to recognize several tools. It would have been nice to be able to switch between say, a pencil tool and the airbrush tool by simply switching pens. Perhaps this will be possible in future versions.

Here's a drawing I did with the new Wacom.

The original Intuos was a great product no doubt. With the introduction of the Intuos3, Wacom has taken user suggestions and built upon that. The improved resolution of the product was apparant especially in programs such a Photoshop which could take full advantage of the 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. it's hard to describe the impact of the increased resolution, but I'd have to say that it was characterized by an even greater level of smoothness.

The drivers worked exactly as they should (even with fast switching in Windows) and the software package was adequate, although I don't think that it would be particularily useful for the target audience of this product as chances are they will already have the required software.

In addition to the product itself, I liked the extras that Wacom included. It's a small gesture, but the fact that they included extra pen nibs was a very nice touch.

What? No negatives you say? I can think of just one and it's that the mouse wasn't particularily useful. One could also argue that price is an issue, but it's important to keep in mind that this is a professional product and if you want the best, you have to pay for it. Having said that, it's worth every penny and those who have used this product will tell you the same.

  • Greatly improved ergonomics
  • Solid construction
  • Extra parts included

  • Mouse is... not so useful