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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.13.05]
Manufactured by: Wacom


The Pens

While the original Wacom pen was good, I found it a little too small for my tastes and apparantly so did a lot of Wacom customers as the size of the pen has increased substantially. The pen is also better constructed and is more comfortable due to the soft grip. These improvements can even be found in the pen holder which is larger and more solid.

Taking a closer look at the 6d pen, we can see the nib is closer to that of a felt pen which allows a wide range of motion.  What I especially liked about this pen was that you could adjust tilt settings in Photoshop based on how you rotated your pen. If you used just a small part, then you got a small brush stroke, but if you used the flat part, then it was big... almost exactly like a high quality felt pen.  


The driver package for this tablet was especially strong as it allowed you to customize every single aspect of the devices used on the tablet. What's more, if you aren't happy with the pressure settings, the drivers let you specify a custom curve so it feels exactly like you want it to.

In addition to the devices, you can also customize the side buttons to your hearts content. Very nice!

Now that we've looked at the product, let's look at some real world usage.

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