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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.08.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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Fingerprint technology is definitely a step in the right direction for security conscious users who are dealing with highly sensitive data. As any good security expert will attest, the weakest part of any computer security solution typically lies with the user; more specifically with users who use easily discernable passwords. 

No matter how often you force users to change their passwords there will always be those who either insist on using easy to guess, low complexity passes, or who instead choose extremely complex passwords only to forget it the next day. The Silex Combo-Mini is a great solution for both of these problems. The UIM equipped Combo-Min would also be especially useful in environments where multiple users use multiple machines.

The Combo-Mini can also be interested for a security conscious home user who is perhaps concerned about other family members accessing specific programs on a shared computer or accessing websites to which they would prefer not to have to remember the access passwords.

That being said, there are some slight annoyances with the Combo-Mini.

The screensaver feature is a pain if you have limited USB ports available as the Combo-Mini cannot be removed while the computer is in operation.

Also the interfaces, particularly for SX-Pass are a tad clunky and not at all intuitive.

If you can handle the price tag, and require increased security over what windows password authentication can offer the Combo-Mini might be worth your while to check out.

  • James Bond-esque Security
  • Never Have to Remember Another Password!
  • Can Use One Device for Multiple Machines
  • Encrypt Individual Files
  • Restrict Program Access.

  • Clunky Software
  • High Cost?
  • Must be Plugged in at All Times
  • Only One User Per UIM Card

Final Score: 84%