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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.08.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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SX-Lock Cont...

The SX-Lock application also allows you to "Lock" specific files by right clicking on a file or directory and then selecting Lock. 

A locked file is encrypted using Silex's own encryption algorithm and then only decrypted after and authorized fingerprint scan.


The SX-Pass software allows you to replace website username and passwords with a fingerprint scan.

When a registered page is displayed, the fingerprint authentication screen appears and the allow you to log into the site without having to remember your username and password. This is a nice feature if you have multiple web logons and would rather not save them to auto logon for anyone on your computer, but at the same time don't want to have to remember multiple sets of logon information.

All activity related to the Biometric suite is monitored and logged for up to one hundred days or five thousand entries.

All of the features in the Silex Biometrics suite are of course only accessible after an authorized fingerprint scan.

A Note on Security

Compared to other Fingerprint Scanners on the market, the Combo-Mini with it's UIM card offers an extra layer of security.

Without a UIM installed, no one can even attempt to use the fingerprint scanner. Secondly, because your fingerprint data is encrypted on the UIM card itself and not on the computer itself you don't have to scan a fingerprint for every PC you need to access.  Finally, there is the extra layer offered by the modules PIN which must be entered for the logon screen to come up. 

With that said, the trade off is flexibility.  You either are able to log through the scanner or not, there is no in between.

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