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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.08.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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Once installed, the SX Biometrics Software Suite comes with three software utilities


The SX-Logon utility runs as a tray icon and can be accessed either through a right click or through the start menu.

The User Manager allows you to add up to 32 different users with windows privileges for each. However each would have to have their own Combo-Mini for this feature to work as there is only room for one logon per UIM card.

The Option Menu allows you to change various software settings. One that controls what happens if the device is removed during computer use.

If you set the Silex screensaver to be the default it will immediately take effect when the device is removed, and then require fingerprint authentication to unlock the running machine. If you have no screensaver setup you will receive the following message.

The is unfortunately no way to use the computer with the Combo-Mini removed once installed.  If you don't have the secure screensaver setup, the above message will stay in focus on the screen (no matter how many times you click okay) and not allow you to do anything else.  This I found to be rather annoying.

Finally there is the Fingerprint Sensor menu that allows you to perform general maintenance on the fingerprint reader itself.

The Utilities are designed to be run if you have problems getting a clean finger scan.  One checks on the scanners ability to grab a clean image while the other check for residue on the sensor itself.


SX-Lock is perhaps the most useful part of the Biometrics Suite for day to day users. SX-Lock allows you to lock down selected file or applications

To lock down specific applications you simply need to add the programs exe file to the application list. If you were running multiple users you can set specific permission levels for specific programs. Once setup, a valid fingerprint scan will be required to open any of the programs in the list.

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