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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.08.05]
Manufactured by: Silex

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Taking Security to the Next Level

Ask any good network administrator what their top priority is, and they will more than likely answer with security. With customer and employee information as well as important trade secrets stored on company servers it is imperative only those trusted are able to view the sensitive information.

Now again, ask a network admin where most security breaks occur and they will more than likely tell you that it's due to careless users, say those that lose their laptops. In light of some of these careless security breaches, there has been a growing  

With the number of users on high speed, always on internet connections now we all know that data security is a must, especially for those in office environments where stored data can be extremely sensitive in data.

The unit we will be looking at today is Silex Technology's COMBO-Mini USB Fingerprint Reader with removable UIM card. Full manufacturers specifications for the device can be found on Silex's website.

The unit itself is around the same length as a standard flash drive and about twice as wide making it compact enough to easily carry in a shirt pocket.

The plastic USB cover is easily removed and secure enough to remain attached during transport.

The Combo-Mini is fully USB 2.0 compliant as well as backwards compatible to USB 1.1 speeds.

From the back we can see the previously mentioned removable UIM card.  This card stores the fingerprint data right on the device (as opposed to in the host software), which allows users to use a single device at multiple locations. 

The fingerprint reader itself is revealed by sliding back the protective plastic covering.

The NIST compliant 500dpi scanner is able to achieve a high level of consistency with only a 0.1% False Rejection Rate and a 0.001% False Acceptance Rate.

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