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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.27.05]
Manufactured by: Foxconn 


945G7MA-8EKRS2 layout continued...

... is exactly where you'd expect it; right beind the CPU. If you cut off the top of the picture, you wouldn't even be able to tell the two 945 boards apart!

Finally, we have the back panel. We lose both digital out connectors and instead get an integrated Intel video solution.

At this point I'd show you the accessories, but there really is no need as they as exactly the same as what comes with the 945P board. Let's look at the CMOS shall we?


The BIOS for the three boards was pretty similar so I'll be looking at just a single set as the issues I discovered were the same across the boards. First off, Foxconn has this feature called SuperRecovery that lets you recovered from a bad overclock with a hot-key.

Unfortunately, they don't let you overclock all that much with a max FSB of only 265.

Just another page of BIOS stuff and we're on to the benches!

Next Page: (BIOS Continued; Test Setup)