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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.27.05]
Manufactured by: Foxconn 


945P7AA Layout

The 945P board does away with the red PCB and instead gives us... multi-coloured slots! For this board, Foxconn decided to go with a large passive heatsink for the Northbridge.

The 945P board has one less PCIe 1x slot than the 955X board, but given the widespread availability pf PCIe cards, I don't think most people would mind. The firewire port is put in a good place as there are unlikely to be any cards intefering there, but I would have preferred that USB port to be somewhere else.

Moving just a little over, we see the bright red powered by ICH7-R SATA II ports along with the IDE raid alongside the bottom. It would have been nice to see four additional SATA ports, but it is important to remember that people still have older IDE drives that they wish to use.

We again see the 24-pin ATX connector at the side of the motherboard along with the floppy connector. Very nice.

But that means that the 4-pin...

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