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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.06.05]

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Thermaltake always has some interesting, sometimes crazy things to show at Computex. This  year, there was no shortage of unique products to see.

Golden Orb 2

First of all, check out the return of the Golden Orb name:

My first thought was that it looks a lot like Zalman's coolers... but then, you could say Zalman's cooler looked a lot like the original Golden Orb, only bigger.

Power Station

In my opinion, the Power Station was one of the more impressive products shown at Computex this year. The idea is simple, but great - rather than have a mess of cables running from your PSU to every component in the case, install two modules in different areas of the case, and run shorter cables from them:

The thing is totally modular, but I'm not sure how the specs of the PSU itself look. We'll try to get one of these in for review ASAP.

Tai Chi

Zalman showed some innovation by building a grounds-up silent PC case. Thermaltake has gone their own way, building a grounds-up watercooling case:

Besides looking impressive, the Tai Chi has some features that will help build a great watercooling setup - you can install Thermaltake's radiator and pump right into the door. While the case itself looks something like a heatsink, I don't think any heat transfer is made.

Tower Cooler

I don't have any info on what I originally thought was a pair of speakers:

It looks like a speaker, but it's actually a huge radiator! It has fans in it, so it's not silent like Zalman's ZM-1.

In conclusion, Computex 2005 seemed to be a bit more low-key than last year. Perhaps they should take the November slot that Comdex left open when they self destructed... As it is now, we are in the middle of the "Quarter 1 Blues" so the show isn't quite as extravegant as it could be.

The weather was phenomenal this time around though, and I even decided to hang out in Taipei a little while longer.  After a 3 day shopping trip to Hong Kong, it's time to go home, and get back to what we do best - reviewing hardware.

Until CES!