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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.06.05]

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Abit had a ton of goodies being shown at their booth. But before that, members of the media were invited to Abit's headquarters for presentation on the direction Abit is going with their products in the coming year. ATI had a presentation which was basically a recap of their original Crossfire press release. I noticed that they gave some numbers, which showed Unreal Tournament 2004 getting just a 20% framerate increase (as ATI tells us, hey, that's better than not being able to use both cards!). They claim Splinter Cell 3 gets a 190% boost in framerate (unfortunately, you still won't be able to turn on the amazing HDR effects in that game, since Shader Model 3.0 support is required, something ATI wasn't able to work into the X800's).

After hearing from Corsair and Intel, it was time for some gaming! We were all treated to Abit's golden boy, Johnathan Wendell, demonstrating just how much he kicks ass at gaming. Before Computex, Abit threw a contest to find out who the best UT players in Taiwan were. John was able to take out the first guy 8-0. We'll call that the 'warm up round', because as it turns out, his mouse settings were all screwed up in Windows. Once he got used to the setting, he was able to dispatch the other two players, by margins of around 20 or 30 frags to none.

Then it was time for Happy Hour. That's all I am going to say about that. ;)

Going back to Abit's booth the next day (with a massive headache), I was able to check out some of their new products. Here's the Cole's Notes version of the tour:

Here is their 955X board; note the heatpipe cooling solution for the Northbridge. I haven't tested a 955X board yet (the one Intel sent was an early sample, and ended up dying on me) but that NB must get hot because the cooling solutions I've seen have been pretty drastic.

They were also showing off Fatality SLI boards, for both the AMD and Intel platform. I'll show you the AMD platform, since no gamers are interested in Intel (except Fatality, apparently).

Abit has an interesting cooling solution for their Fatality SLI board. Believe me, a 6800 GT SLI setup turns into a heat trap after some time, so this added fan should be welcome.

They also had a Fatality X800 on display. Don't worry - Abit assured me that is NOT the final design for the heatsink. I'm not sure anyone is interested in a 512MB video card at this point, since it has shown little to no benefit in benchmarks.

Although it hasn't been officially announced, the X550 was hanging on the wall at Abit's booth. As you can see, it's nothing to get excited about really. It appears to carry the exact same specs as the unformidable X300, but with the clock speeds increased.

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