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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.06.05]

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For the second year in a row, Tyan has won itself the "Best of Computex" award. Last year, it was for their 4 CPU motherboard. This time, it was for their new 8 CPU motherboard. Yes, 8 CPU (or 8 dual core CPU's... wow!)

The President of Tyan, Dr. Symon Chang (pictured left) celebrated this even by throwing a nice lunch at a Cantonese restaurant at the 101. Buyers and media were treated to some delicious food (and for many, it was quite adventurous). If the size of the abalone they served was any indication, Tyan had a great first quarter this year!

Enough about the food though! I bet you're wondering how Tyan managed to squeeze 8 CPU's onto a single board.. Well the secret is that it's not strictly a 'single board'

Four of the CPU's are installed onto the S4881 motherboard:

Using the two riser cards, the other four CPU's are installed onto the M4881 daughter board:

This combination boasts support for up to 8 CPU's, or 16 logical CPU's, if dual core Opterons are used. Up to 128 GB of memory can be installed, and because it uses the NF4 Pro chipset, the latest features are also supported, such as SATA-II RAID, PCI-X, dual PCI-E, Ultra320 SCSI, and dual gigabit ethernet. Interestingly, the NF4 chipset finds itself paired up with an integrated ATI video card on this board.

The whole thing will fit into a 5U case, but Tyan also offers a prebuilt workstation which houses both boards:

Even the most jaded hardware enthusiast has to be quite impressed by this kind of computing, and it's easy to see why Tyan constantly wins awards for innovation.

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