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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.06.05]

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DFI has come a long way since their days as competition to ECS in the OEM market. However, their booth was quite low-key, and they didn't have a lot of new products to show.

What they lacked in quantity however, they more than made up for it in quality.


DFI was one of only two manufacturers that I know of, who were showing a working crossfire demo that wasn't based on ATI reference boards (the other, as you could probably guess, was Asus).

The setup I saw was DFI's "dual slave" solution (normally to use Crossfire, you would need to buy a special Crossfire-enabled video card to seam the images of each card together), but as it turns out, this wasn't true Crossfire. Instead, the frames from only one card were bring showed, and thus the benchmarks were essentially doubled.

I was able to play around with something besides 3dMark 05. Doom 3 showed a performance increase of about 20% in 1280x1024 Ultra mode. I was somewhat let down by this score, until I found out that this solution wasn't true Crossfire anyway. We'll have to wait and see how the real thing performs in actual games.


The one other new product they showed was a new version of their NFORCE4 SLI motherboard:

Some of the minor revisions of this board include: 1) getting rid of the mass of jumpers between the X16 slots - now everything is handled by the BIOS. 2) you no longer need to change jumpers to use the full dimm voltage potential on this board (which is an amazing 4v) and 3) the x16 slots were placed further apart, to make for better cooling in SLI setups.


NVIDIA was decidedly quiet this year at Computex... And unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the G70 in particular.

So my visit to NVIDIA might not have been productive in the terms of this article, but they did have some things of interested being displayed in their meeting lobby. Such as this "Next Generation" NFORCE MCP motherboard from Gigabyte:

That's right, NVIDIA is getting back into the IGP game. Again, they were quite quiet on what the specs of this new integrated video was capable of, or even what an equivalent desktop card would be. My best guess is that it would use TurboCache technology, so maybe something like a 6200TC. If that's the case, it should make for a very interesting integrated graphics solution!

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