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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.06.05]

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Shuttle had some very interesting products to show, on the 6th floor of the New York, New York mall. However, the lighting in the room wasn't exactly condusive to great photos. So please bear with me there...


The first thing that caught my eye was the SN26P - on the outside, it looks like an ordinary P series chassis, very similar in fact to the SN25P we reviewed. However, if you take a closer look...

Heh, not much from this side actually... I had a picture of the other side but it didn't turn out - it was a pair of Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT's. That's right - this baby is an SLI rig. Shuttle has designed a custom heatpipe cooler to deal with the heatsink size issue. However, this cooler does take up part of the hard drive bay at the top, so the total available hard drive slots goes from 3 to 2.

Still, the idea of having a dual core, SLI small form factor system gives me a warm fuzzy feeling I usually don't attribute to computers...


Finally, Shuttle is playing with Pentium-M ideas. The SD11G5 simply takes the P-M platform, and drops it into the small(ish) G5 chassis. They are using the newest P-M platform (915GM, or "Alviso"), and have even upped the onboard audio a bit, using a Creative Labs 24 bit part. It also uses an external power supply (aka "brick") - this should be the quietest XPC ever made.

Shuttle has much more interesting plans for the Pentium-M however...

G5 2000

With the G5 2000, Shuttle is exploiting the true potential of the P-M platform.

The G5 is a Windows Media PC, with integrated hard drives and WiFi. One interesting thing is that it is more of a 'hybrid' Consumer Electronics device than a hardcore PC turned into a CE device. This is evident when you look at the back of it:

As you can see, it uses a fully custom layout, which allows it to combine the best of a CE device and a PC. The DVD drive it uses is the same used on DVD's (if you've ever tried watching a DVD on a standard PC, you know how annoying that 'whirr' can be when it fires up at 16X).


Shuttle decided to expand their LCD lineup, introducing a widescreen 20" screen. We don't have a pic of that (it's an LCD monitor) but here, you can see four of XP17's, powered by their ST20G5, which has dual monitor support integrated (thanks to Xpress200), plus another dual monitor video card installed.

The Shuttle press material claims an 8 ms response time, which would put it above Dell's 20.1" widescreen unit. However, to my knowlege LG is the only one making a 1680x1050 screen, so most likely the XP20 will be quite similar to Dell's 2005FPW. At least, for the time being... 8 ms would be good though, because I don't see Shuttle being able to match Dell's price when they have one of those crazy coupons out...

Finally, it looks like Shuttle is going to get into the furniture business... They were using some customized LCD rails, that would make the perfect fit for the system shown above:

Only time will tell if this solution makes it to market...

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