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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [06.14.05]
Manufactured by: SilverStone
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Silverstone really does know a thing or two about making HTPC cases. As mentioned earlier, the feel of the buttons was second to none and the case was well made throughout. There were no sharp edges and everything just fit. The total package was what really sold me on the deal though. The remote worked flawlessly and the driver package installed was great.

I did have a couple concerns though. First off, it would have been nice to have thumbscrews in this case. I can understand space constraints preventing the use of tool-less brackets, but would it be that much harder to include thumbscrews?

Secondly, it would have been nice if the front panel buttons were configurable. In this case, they worked in Windows Media Player, but not in Winamp. A shame because the idea was great, just that the execution would have been a little better.

Finally, given the HTPC nature of this case, the front fan was far too noisy. The specs on the website claim 21dBA, but the fan was much louder than that. Thankfully, the four pin mount came in handy and it was easy to silence it with a little 5V action.

The version we're reviewing, with the VFD, can be found for around $250. The LC14 non-M version, without the VFD, is just $150. You can decide for yourself if the VFD and IR remote are worth the extra cost...

All in all, small points that really don't take away from what is a really solid case.

Final Score: 93%

  • Great build quality
  • Looks like it belongs in a home theatre
  • Included remote rocks!
  • Customizable VFD

  • No thumbscrews!
  • Front panel buttons not customizable
  • Front fan too noisy for HTPC applications
  • Price is high for VFD version

Final Score: 93%