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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [06.14.05]
Manufactured by: SilverStone
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The software

The software??? For a case??? Yeap! After all, something has to drive the remote control. In this case, functionality is provided by a company called SoundGraph and their offerings for this remote control are impressive. Almost everything can be customized in this case. Programs can have their individual settings... can Windows. In fact, if that isn't enough, users also have the option of running customized windows commands as well as macros with the press of a button.

The remote isn't the only thing that can be customized either. The VFD can display things such as the latest news, cuty informatioin and your system specifications. If the functionality isn't there, then it's a matter of using the API on SoundGraph's website to program a plugin. For those Linux users, yes, there are drivers available.

Finally, we have Multi-median which is a media center-like program. It plays videos, pictures and music and even has an option for internet radio. The program wasn't bad, but at the same time wasn't particularily spectacular. One thing to note is that in order for DVDs to play properly, I had to install PowerDVD in order to have the required codecs. 

So how does it score?

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