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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [06.14.05]
Manufactured by: SilverStone
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The Four 3.5" Bays

The Silverstone can fit four 3.5" drives through a combination of drive bays. First off, there is the single one tucked underneath the optical drive bays. The bay simply slide out and you screwed in a HD...

.. and tucked it away as seen here. It would have been nice to have a thumbscrew to hold the bay in place, but space considerations I'm sure killed that idea.

The other bay holds three drives and is placed to the right of the optical drives. I've placed two drives in this bay to give you an idea of how the drives fit together (tightly!).

Here's what it looks like when it's all installed. As you can see, one drive fits nicely, but three might get a little cramped.

Now to install the optical drives...

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