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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.11.05]
Manufactured by: Hitachi


Well if you were expecting to see drive speeds double from using a 3 Gb/s transfer rate offered by SATA-II, you're going to be disappointed by these results. Although burst speed was significantly increased (especially in RAID 0), real world tests didn't show such a pronounced speed improvement.

However, there were definitely performance increases overall, in desktop and server tests. It's not exactly something to go head-over-heels about, but it's definitely there.

And as we saw in our last review, the T7K250 from Hitachi was already one of the fastest SATA drivers we've seen, with the exception of the Raptor. In fact, it received one of the highest marks in our drive comparison. The only thing holding it back, in my opinion, is the 3 year warranty (only because Seagate is offering 5 years on their drives).

Bottom line is this; if you have a 3 Gb/s capable drive controller, and are looking into upgrading your hard drive, you definitely will not be making a mistake by going with the Hitachi T7K250. Just don't mistake it with the old 7K250, which does NOT support 3 Gb/s or NCQ (note the lack of "T" when shopping).

To help your shopping efforts, we rounded up some of the lowest prices from reputable dealers around the net (note that some may be out of stock, so shop around):

HGST T7K250 - 250 GB Version
ZipZoomFly: $130.00 $173.99
mWave: $129.00

HGST T7K250 - 160 GB Version $93.00 $113.99
ZipZoomFly: $89.00