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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.11.05]
Manufactured by: Hitachi



Although the results don't necessarily translate directly to real world performance, HDTach's tests give us an idea of a drive's capabilities in a 'best case scenario'.

Of course Random Access Time is not going to be affected by a 3 Gb/s transfer rate.

Nor is CPU usage, although you can clearly see the overhead caused by RAID 0 mode.

This is the ONE test that is going to show a 3 Gb/s transfer rate at its very best. Here you can see that a single 3.0 Gb/s drive performs at the level of two 1.5 GB/s drives in RAID 0. And check out that burst rate for 3.0 Gb/s RAID 0! We're approaching SCSI 320 burst levels here, with a pair of $100 drives.

Of course, that is just burst speed, and it's definitely not something to get too excited about. If you're the type who likes to brag about benchmarks though, this is the one to use.

The sustained transfer rate tests bring these drives back to earth. As you can see, the write speed increase from 1.5 Gb/s to 3.0 Gb/s is negligible, even in RAID 0. Read speed receives a nice jump of 10 MB/s though.

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