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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.12.05]
Manufactured by: ULTRA

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Side Window

Checking out the side of the case we find a full sized plexi window with an included 80mm side intake fan. Note: the fan grill does not come standard.

Look Familiar?

Opening up the side panel we are greeted by a familiar sight.

The inside of the ULTRA is setup in the standard Chieftech Dragon interior that we've seen for the past couple years. To be completely honest the ULTRA case is basically JUST the Chieftech Dragon with a new paintjob. This is that same "ol' trustworthy"  case that manufacturers have been slightly modding and re-badging for years now. I guess if it isn't broken then don't fix it.

Without going into too much detail (there are at least a gazillion reviews of this case layout out there at this point....yes that's right, I said Gazillion!) (at least!! -ed), the case supports four 5.25'' drives, and six 3.5'' drives (4 hidden). The 3.5'' drives are located in removable bays which hold three drives each.

Drive rails are included for securing 5.35'' drives, and smaller 3.5'' drives are secured using good old fashioned screws. As with the original Chieftech model, there is not removable motherboard tray.

There are two 80mm front intake fans (not included), one of them mounted inside a removable 3.5'' bay (as seen below), two 80mm exhaust fans, as well as the previously mentions 80mm side panel fan (all included).

The only element internally, that sets ULTRA's version of the Dragon apart from the original Chieftech version is that ULTRA was nice enough to take the time to sheath the front USB and Firewire headers which is a nice, if not minor, touch.

Well there isn't a whole lot to be said about ULTRA's Glossy Dragon case. It is basically an all steel version (minus the plastic front door) of Chieftech's extremely popular Dragon case from 2002 with a fresh coat of paint. Nothing more, nothing less.

A quick search reveals that this red version of the Glossy Dragon sells for around $60 at TigerDirect (ULTRA's parent company) and Global Computer.

You can also pick up a black version, sold at Digitally Unique for $81.95. They also have the blue version for the same price.

A beautiful white version is also sold at TigerDirect and Global Computer, but for reasons unknown to us, it costs $10 more than the red version.

So pricing ranges wildly, even at the same store. For anything over $70, I'd say that the price is quite high for an older case design. That said, the Dragon is tried and proven, and picking one up for $60 isn't so bad at all. It's a nice departure from the $99 MSRP these cases originally launched with!

  • Great Paint Job

  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • No PSU Included
  • Remodeled Case from 2002
  • Relatively High Price

Final Score: 70%