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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [07.12.05]
Manufactured by: ULTRA

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Plain Jane Gets All Done Up

With the rash of new super fabricated "themed" cases on the market it would be easy to forget that not everyone enjoys a "pimped out" case. Some would prefer a simple, functional chassis, maybe with a nice single-colored paintjob to add just a tad of spice. The Dragon series of cases which we will be looking at today from ULTRA would fit nicely into that category.

ULTRA Products, in case you were not aware, is a wholly owned subsidy of the online retailer Tiger Direct, which explains why most of their products (the X-Connect PSU being the main exception) are available only from Tiger Direct. The practice of large retailers re-branding mass produced items from the Asian and selling them as there own is not a new one however so we won't dwell on it, just don't be surprised if you have to RMA an item and find that it is to be shipped directly to a Tiger Direct warehouse.

The actual case we will be looking at from the Dragon series today is the Glossy Red model. Optionally the case also comes in glossy Silver, White, Black and MS Blue (MS = Microsoft?). Each different model is exactly the same less of course the color. For complete case specification check out ULTRA's Website.

Straight out of the box the glossy paint job impresses. The steel enclosure is covered with a nice thick layer of bright high gloss paint. Unlike numerous other cases boasting a mirror finish, the paint job on the Dragon feels extra thick and smooth, more like a layer of plastic than paint. Due to it's multiple layers of clear coat, the Dragon's pristine paint job is extra robust, better able to hold up to wear and tear and less likely to suffer a nasty looking scratch.

To ensure that the Dragon arrives at your doorstep in the same shape it left the warehouse, ULTRA has covered every single painted surface with a layer of protective plastic.

A small and inexpensive gesture, but one that counts in my books.

Damn I'm Pretty

Okay, so I wouldn't place in a chimp beauty pagaent (not even Miss Congeniality!!), but as you can see, even with those extra layers of clear coat the mirror finish that we all crave has not been tarnished.

I always count it as a mark out a quality case when manufacturer take the time to give the throw-away drive bay place holders the same great paint job as the rest of the case.

The door is unfortunately made of plastic however, and uses the cheap plastic style clips which I can tell you from personal experience break off VERY easily. 

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