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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [07.07.05]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte
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The Parts continued

In order to connect to the router, Gigabyte has also kindly included a short length of ethernet cabling that goes from your onboard ethernet into the router. Alternately, it can also connect to a hub which allows for multiple computers using the ethernet line.

Setting it all up

Setting up the router was only a little bit more effort than setting up a standalone. I simply opened up the computer, slotted it into a free PCI slot, connected the internet line to the router and then connected the ethernet on the computer to the router. Easy as pie!

Given that the card could draw power from the power supply without requiring a PCI slot, I wondered, what would happen if I didn't plug it in... would it still work? Below is the picture of the card plugged into the test bed. Success!


As with other routers on the market, administration is done through a browser so I just wanted to show you some of the highlights of the system.

Perhaps the biggest issue these days with wireless networks (well, open ones) is that anyone could potentially use your network to do things that you probably wouldn't want them doing. This router offers both WPA and WEP encryption to keep people out.

You can also filter computers based on their MAC addresses, but that really doesn't do much. If someone broke your encryption, they'd be able to figure out your MAC address pretty easily and clone it.

In addition, if you'd like to block off access to other websites for whatever reason, this router can do that too.

So the security is really up to the level of other routers on the market... so what else can it do?

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