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By Norman Tan [04.26.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


3.5" bays

In addition to the 3 hard drive bays in the rear, the case also comes with a dock that houses another three hard drives in the front. This time though, instead of an 80mm and a PSU fan, you have a massive 120mm fan forcing air over your drives and helping to ensure that they stay nice and cool, well, coolish. As with the rear dock, the hard drives had to be attached via screws which is really too bad because there did appear to be space to add rails this time.

In addition to the hard drive bays, Thermaltake also included a single drive bay to house your floppy drive in. As with the hard drive dock, the floppy was attached with screws.

To install it however, took an additional step which really tested my patience. Each drive bay was covered with a mesh type thing that was backed with a filter to keep dust out. Now, removing the dust filter was pretty easy. Removing the middle mesh so that the floppy could poke out, was downright annoying. As you can see from this insert, there are two tabs; on the drive cover, there is another tab. Out of the box, they came folded at 90 degree angles to keep the parts in place. To remove them, you have to use pliers and carefully bend the parts. I have big issues with that because the metal fatigues and eventually breaks which means that this part isn't very reusable. Not being able to snap out the middle with my hands further added to my exasperation.

It looked good installed though!

Finally, I thought I'd mention that the power button panel was removable as well which means you can put it anywhere you'd like. There's also the additional option of adding a 3.5" device which is where I'd recommend the floppy drive go just because it's so much less annoying to install here.

The motherboard, PCI slots and other stuff on the next page...

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