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By Norman Tan [04.26.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


Outside Continued

Swinging around the back, we can see the massive 120mm exhaust fan as well as another 80mm exhaust fan. You can also see that the power supply is mounted sideways. Very interesting...

I also wanted to point out these the size of these thumbscrews which were a good 1.5 times bigger than most. Now thumbscrews aren't really all that important in the grand scheme of things, but the extra size certainly made them easier to work on the case. We can also see the keys...

Which open up this lock...

... that allowed you to open up the door. Keep in mind that Thermaltake uses the exact same key for all their cases, so if someone else in your office has a Thermaltake case, don't be fooled into thinking that lock is securing anything.

Most cases I've seen recently are attached in this swing manner and I really like it because it means less notches to line up and consequently, it makes things just that much more convenient.

Thermaltake also claims that it can "Cool all your life". Sweet!

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