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By Norman Tan [04.26.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


The Outside

We'll start from the bottom today and work our way up. As is expected from a case this size, the Thermaltake comes with feet that swivel out to add extra stability.

Let's take a look at the various bays shall we? Starting from the bottom, we see a litlte drawer that lets you store all your little tools and other random parts you may have.

At the top of the case, there is a very nicely built powerswitch, reset button and two lights. The really neat thing about this is that you can move it anywhere on the case. Later on, I'll show you exactly what I mean. I should mention here that there 9(!) 5.25" bays in which you can add optical drives or anything you want.

Finally, at the top of the case, we have the standard firewire, USB and mic ports. I must admit, ths was quite a nice feature of the case as it made bending down a thing of the past. Of course, if you put this case on your desk, then that wouldn't work so hot. No matter, it's too big anyway!

On to the other stuff on the outside...

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