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By Norman Tan [04.26.05]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake



With the recent review of the Shark fresh in our memories, Thermaltake sent us another case to take a look at, the VA8000 Armor. Look at it, can you think of another case that possibly inspired it? I'll give you a clue, it starts with a CoolerMaster and ends with a Stacker. We're still waiting to take a closer look at the Stacker, but today, we will bring you the Thermaltake which will accomplish much the same thing. Now, it's a little hard to judge scale from this picture, but when the friendly UPS man arrived, I was amazed at just how big the box was!

The box must have served its purpose, because the case arrived unscathed. I present to you, the front of the case. To the left and right, we can see panels that don't really serve a purpose except to act as quasi doors. To the left, we see the window panel which lets everyone look into your computer so that they can be awed by your amazing cabling job. I should mention here that the thing that impressed me right off the bat was the amazing build quality of the case. The finish on the exterior was impeccable.

So much that Thermaltake even included a cloth to clean your case for you!

Suffice to say, I found this quite amusing. At the same time though, it does show the company's attention to the little details and considering the price of this case, well, these perks are what make it less painful.

Prices on the Armor (black version, as seen here) range from a high of $186.95 at Digitally Unique down to just $142 at ComputerHQ. You can also pick up a silver version for around $185 at Monarch, or $167 at ZipZoomFly. Such a full-featured case is definitely not going to come cheap!

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