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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.25.05]
Manufactured by: Coolermaster


Test Results







And we have a new champion!

With the Aquagatte Mini R120, Coolermaster has been able to achieve what might be considered the perfect mainstream water cooling setup. A complete setup that is ready to go straight out of the box (pre-filled!!), easy to install (tubes pre-cut and clamped!!), requires no prior watercooling knowledge, can be run entirely off mobo fan headers, and which fits entirely in your case with no required modifications. There isn't a whole lot more that a mainstream user could ask for.

That being said, the Aquagatte Mini R120 is not without it's downfalls. Aside from the few minor irritations mentioned earlier, the biggest downside for enthusiasts is going to be its lack of expansion possibilities. Without the option to add a second CPU or GPU waterblock, most hardcore overclockers will probably take a pass on this unit.

Although the Aquagatte Mini R120 excels at cooling an overclocked CPU it comes at the price of increased noise production. At low fan speeds, the unit cools silently and more than adequately at stock speeds. Once our Prescott was ramped up to 3.6 though, it was too much for the silent running cooler to handle.

If you're looking for a straight CPU overclocking setup and don't mind a little bit of noise, the Aquagatte Mini R120 will deliver performance that can't be matched by an air cooling setup for only a couple bucks more. Just as importantly though, if silence is your desire, the Aquagatte Mini R120 can boast the impressive feat of silently cooling a Prescott on the strength of a single 120mm fan.

  • Water Cooling for Dummies! Runs right out of the box
  • Pre-filled, Pre-Cut, Pre-Clamped
  • Both fan and pump can run off mobo headers
  • Silently Cool a Prescott
  • Great Performer at High Fan Speeds
  • Quickest WC Setup Installation Around

  • Not expandable
  • Very Loud at High Fan Speed
  • Not Pump Shut Off Protection
  • Incomplete Documentation

Final Score: 93%