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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.25.05]
Manufactured by: Coolermaster


New Kid on the Block

The Aquagatte's all in one block design is nicely achieved with the units motor located above the copper plated reservoir.

One issue I have with the waterblock design however is that there is no protection against the motor giving out. Plugged into any motherboard header, the pump does not register any rpm level and therefore cannot be guarded against failures. Now the radiator fan does include a protective self-restart function, and any motherboard worth its weight should have built in overheating protection, but still it's always nice to have that extra layer of protection

No Muss No Fuss

Like the Vortex TX, installation of the Aquagatte requires removal of the motherboard from the case in order to install the screw down retention mechanism. While this was a negative for the Vortex (an Air Cooler), it isn't that big of a deal for the Aquagatte. With any water cooling setup there is an understood amount of installation work that has to be done. Considering that applying the retention bracket is the hardest part of the entire install it's actually not a pain at all this time around.

I have a couple minor complaints here. First is that the base of the water block is uncharacteristically unpolished, secondly, that the retention screws are a tad short. Admittedly though, this does require you to screw tighten each nut a bit at a time as is instructed by the included manual.

Notice the included mini socket driver on the top nut which is included in the kit and makes tightening the retention plate even simpler.'s what's for dinner

The fan/radiator combo is just as simple to install with the fan attaching to whichever side works best for your setup and then either it or the radiator screwing attaching to the back of your case using the provided screws.

If you own a case which uses plastic quick mounts for the rear exhaust fans you might have an issue attaching the radiator depending on the type of fan mount used.

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