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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.25.05]
Manufactured by: Coolermaster


Watercooling for Dummies

It's absolutely no secret that if you want to overclock with the big boys your setup is going to have to include some sort of water cooling setup. In addition to the typical high cost though, water cooling setups have always included a degree of difficulty that has kept the mainstream DIY builder away.

Aside from the time consuming potential install time (up to two hours for many kits), there is also always the danger of what happens if you screw it up. The only thing worse than than dropping a wad of cash on a watercooling kit would be the sound and smell of a leaky pump frying your freshly overclocked gear.

With the release of newer processors which require more power and thus generate more heat, the need for simple, mainstream watercooling solutions has emerged. Enter Coolermast and their Aquagatte Mini R120 liquid cooling solution.

The Aquagatte is two piece all inclusive liquid cooling system that offers a viable watercooling solution to even the ultimate luddite.

The Bare Necessities

The unit that we will be looking at today is the Aquagattte Mini R120 which differs from the R80 in the size of the radiator/exhaust fan. 

As you can see Coolermaster strips watercooling down to two basics components: an integrated pump/waterblock/resevoir and an exhaust fan/radiator.

A complete listing can be found on Coolermasters website, but here's the important stuff:

Model No.: RL-MUA-E8U1
Socket: A/370/462/478/754/939/940/LG775 ('s Universal)
Base Dimensions: 70x85x25 mm
Pump Bearing: NCB (Nano-millimeter Ceramic Bearing)
Fan Speed: 800 ~ 2800 RPM
Airflow: 106.91 CFM
Air Pressure: 5.604 mmH2O
Noise Level: 21.3 ~ 35.32dBA
Fan Bearing Type: Long Life Sleeve Bearing
Weight: 440 g (Without Fan)
Life Time: 40,000hrs

The bundle also includes a small user manual, two optional three pin to four pin fan power connectors as well as the same universal retention mechanism (as long as your motherboard has mounting holes) that we saw included with Coolermaster's Vortex TX cooler.

As you can see the bulk of the unit comes installed and ready to go which can be a giant advantage over other the typical water cooling kit. Pre-cut and pre-filled with anti icing fluid the Aquagate is guaranteed to not to need refilling for two years. There are some definite gaps in the documentation though as nowhere does it tell you how to refill the kit, only very basic installation instructions. The fact alone that the unit is ready to install straight out of the box gives it a BIG advantage over other water based systems

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