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By: Trevor Flynn [04.18.05]
Manufactured by: Cooler Master


The Results







As you can see, the Vortex TX performs basically on par with the beefed up Intel stock cooler. Although far from silent, the Vortex TX is quieter than the stock Intel heatsink, along with being more pleasing to the eye. The Vortex cannot match the load temperatures on the Gigabyte Cooler though running at low, silent (sub 20dBA) fan speed.

The Vortex TX from Coolermaster is not a great cooler, nor is it a bad one. It is a midrange cooler sold at a midrange price. It lacks many of the features we've come to expect from high end coolers, including LED lighting, manual fan speed control and high end thermal paste. It also lacks that extreme size and weight of many high end coolers, The ability to be used "universally" across all major platforms is a definite plus, but having to remove the entire motherboard in order to complete the install is a definite pain.

All things considered, if all you are looking for is a quieter version of the stock cooler for your Prescott chip and don't want to shell out the cash then the Vortex could be for you. If you are using a cooler AMD based processor (who would've ever thought someone would say that!) then the Vortex would be expected to perform even that much better.

  • Universal
  • Not a giant tower
  • Quieter than Stock Cooler

  • Cumbersome Installation
  • Performs at par with Stock Prescott Cooler
  • No Fan LED Lights
  • Too Loud to be Considered Silent

Final Score: 80%