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Reviewed by: Norman Tan [04.19.05]
Manufactured by: Hitachi, Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital

NOTE: If you are curious about SATA-II, 3 Gb/s, and what that means for performance in various RAID configurations, please see our new article!



We'll first take a look at HDTach to see what kind of results the drives can pull. I'll start off by showing the graph that it creates so we can see how each drive deals with the outter regions of its platters. The lighter red is the read speed and the darker one is the write speed.


The Hitachi starts off with about a 68 MB/s read speed, but towards the end, it drops off to about 33 MB/s.


The Maxtor's initial speed of 65 MB/s is a little slower, but it finishes a lot strong at 40 MB/s.


I must admit that I was impressed with the initial speed of the Seagate which at 73 MB/s is right up there in Raptor territory, however, towards the end, it faded to the levels of the Hitachi at 35 MB/s.

Western Digital

No surprises here, in terms of raw transfer speed, the 10k spindle speeds of the Raptor makes it untouchable especially as the drive gets full. The next closest drive in this comparison, the Maxtor, could only muster 45 MB/s vs the 52 MB/s of the Raptor.

Let's look the hard numbers now...

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