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By: Norman Tan [04.13.05]
Manufactured by: ColorVision 

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In general, the Spyder2 faired well. The monitors that were calibrated has definite improvements in color accuracy especially in the greys which were previously too cool. The standard RGB spectrum was well represented on the monitors though it should be mentioned that the Spyder was not as strong with highlights. If you look at the color picker in Photoshop, this would be characterized as the white point abrutly transitioning to the next color instead of a smooth gradient.

Though the prints did not have as significant an improvement, there were nevertheless improvements that could be seen. Though the monitor calibration brought the results close, the addition of a printer profile made the reproduction practically identical. Not a small feat considering the differences in the way that the colors were being produced.


At $999, the SpectroPRO2 Suite is by no means cheap, however, for those seeking a complete package, it represents a good value. The hardware itself is not particularily spectacular. In fact, there were some notable shortcomings such as the slowness of the device, a sensitivity to ambient light and the abrupt highlights. If one were to consider the hardware alone, then perhaps it would not recieve the best of ratings.

If anything, the bundled software is where the value of this package lies. Save for nik Color Effects which may or may not be used, each of the programs were incredibly useful, especially in a professional environment. The Spyder2PRO suite had everything needed in a monitor calibration package such as custom gamma curves, adjustable white points and dual monitor support among others. Of the software included, I especially liked the Pantone Colorist Inspire Me color scheme picker which is an incredible time saver for any graphics artist.

All in all, a very good product bundle.

Of course, if you're not running a print shop, there may be little reason to go with the full suite. If all you want to do is calibrate your monitor, you can pick up the Spyder2Pro as a standalone unit. This can be had for as low as $250 at, or $276 at The lowest price we found at a highly-rated reputable store was at, for just $219.33!

For most of our readers, the Spyder2PRO might be a more reasonable solution.

  • Very accurate greys
  • Software bundle is especially strong
  • Free technical support with purchase
  • Works with everything
  • Strong integration with Adobe Photoshop

  • Slow
  • Sensitivity to ambient light
  • Highlights not as strong as they could be
  • Software crashed with spanned monitors

Final Score: 89%