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By: Norman Tan [04.13.05]
Manufactured by: ColorVision 

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Also included in the software bundle was a program called DoctorPRO. The end result is similar to ProfilerPRO in that a printer profile is built, but unlike ProfilerPRO, this program only requires your eyes to act as a calibration device. What users would do with this program is print out their photo and then adjust the image in Photoshop to match the what one saw in the printed image. With the action that was recorded, DoctorPRO would be able to create a profile that was better suited for your printer.

Other software

In addition to the programs needed to run the hardware, there are two additional programs included in the Spectro2 Suite. I'll go through each of them one by one.

Patone Colorist

This program sits in your taskbar and allows you to choose colors based on Pantone color values.

Why Pantone colors? If you have a properly calibrated monitor with a printer profile, then you know if you choose a Pantone color, it will show up exactly as you need it to. This is useful when looking at color chips and then wanting to use the proper colors in design.

In addition to the Colorist standalone program, there is the Inspire Me web application which helps you choose color schemes for designs. Picture source: Pantone Website.

nik Color Efex Pro

Rounding out the package is Color Efex which is a Photoshop plugin that offers users a wide variety of preset filters that they can apply to their images. What is unique to this package is that the filters can be applied as a brush so you can apply it to parts of an image or an entire image.

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