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By: Norman Tan [04.13.05]
Manufactured by: ColorVision 

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As the number of digital camera users increases, so has the demand for printing out digital photos from a computer. For most, a little touch-ups and off to the presses (whether they be a photo lab or straight to the inkjet printer) the photo will do just fine. More often than not, what you see on the screen isn't indicative of how a photo will print out. In order to fix this problem, there are a variety of solutions out there that help calibrate your monitor in order for you to get the results you want.

For most, the Adobe Gamma program is often enough, however, it depends entirely on one's visual senses and is very subjective. Taking it to the next level are hardware calibrators which ensure that you get accurate results everytime.

Today we will be looking at the full-features SpectroPRO2 Suite from ColorVision. The package is aimed squarely at the professional market and this is reflected with its $999 USD price tag. The package as you can see below is quite comprehensive. In addition to the Spyder2 monitor colorimeter, there is also the Spectro Print spectroc olorimeter.

Bundled with the hardware is a very comprehensive software package that includes:

  • ColorVision's Spyder2PRO Monitor Calibration software (site license)
  • ColorVision's ProfilerPRO software and Patch Reader software
  • ColorVision's DoctorPRO software
  • Patone Colorist
  • nik Color Efex PRO 2.0 Standard edition

The SpectroPRO Suite we're looking at today is aimed at professionals, and the price reflects that. Looking at our Lowest Price Guide, we came across a range of prices: HP's online store carries the suite for $872.20, which is a bit below the MSRP of $999. Another good deal can be found at MP Superstore, for $866.88. After a bit of shopping around, the very lowest price we found was just under $740 at

Of course, if you're not running a print shop, there may be little reason to go with the full suite. If all you want to do is calibrate your monitor, you can pick up the Spyder2Pro as a standalone unit. This can be had for as low as $250 at, or $276 at The lowest price we found at a highly-rated reputable store was at, for just $219.33!

For most of our readers, the Spyder2PRO might be a more reasonable solution.

Let's see how it all comes together...

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