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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.07.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle

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The Inside

After taking off the lid, and removing the drive bay, this is what the SN25P looks like inside:

On the left, you can see the custom form factor PSU rated for 350W. It also serves as an exhaust port, with a low-pro 80mm fan. To help with the potentially toasty trio SATA drives that can be installed in this thing, two more 70mm fans are added.

On the left side, there is one more exhaust fan. With the addition of the CPU and Chipset fans, this makes for a total of 6 fans even before installing a video card. Don't worry though; all of these fans are 'smart', meaning they will only spin as fast as they have to maintain proper operating temperature. Furthermore, the SN25P supports AMD's "Cool n' Quiet" via a set of OS drivers, which makes for temperatures and sound levels you never thought possible.

From the right side, you can see how all of the cables are meticulously routed for clean and easy installation. All SATA, PATA, and power cables are the exact right length and are at the perfect position.

Although a dual slot video card will block the x1 slot, you should be able to fit even the longest video cards in the SN25P.

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