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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.07.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle

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The Doors

The G5 chassis (seen on the SN95G5 AGP unit we reviewed a while back) introduced fully stealthed 5.25" and 3.5" external drive bays. The SN25P also uses three doors, but leaves the ports for the 8-in-1 memory card reader exposed, in a single slot at the top of the unit (this looks cool to me).

The top door covers the 5.25" bay, used for the optical drive. It is spring loaded, and it looks like Shuttle have finally figured out how to make a optical door that closes on its own. They have also repositioned the eject button to the top, which makes more sense, particularly when a door is used.

The middle door is a simple push-toggle door. Unlike previous Shuttle cases, this one isn't flaky, and it closes and opens with ease.

And finally, the bottom door covers the USB2.0, FireWire, and front audio ports. On the SN25P, the FireWire uses a full sized port, which I prefer over the 'mini' ones.

Let's take a closer look inside, shall we?

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