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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.07.05]
Manufactured by: Shuttle

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Wow.. Just, wow.

Just for fun, let's have a look at all my complaints about the last Athlon64 Shuttle XPC I reviewed; the SN95G5:

1) Lack of NVIDIA's GigaE controller, no NV Firewall
2) Not enough USB ports
3) Fit and Finish is lacking on the outside
4) Quite expensive

How have these issues been addressed by the SN25P? Well...

1) This time they used NVIDIA's GigaE controller, and although ActiveArmor is not supported, you do get the excellent firewall.

2) The SN95G5 only had two USB ports on the back. Although the NF4 could potentially support eight ports natively, two of them are being used by the integrated memory card reader. So you get four ports on the back, and two on the front. Sounds good to me!

3) In my experience, the CDROM door opened and closed without a hitch. The toggle doors worked perfectly as well. Furthermore, internal fit & finish was top notch (although not as slick as some Korean and Japanese products I've come across)

4) Unfortunately this is where the SN25P stumbles a bit. Taking a look at the Lowest Price Finder, we see it going for as high as $426.99 at, and $399 at ZipZoomFly. mWave has a nice deal going on right now, at $375, but that is still $75 more than the SN95G5, which I already thought was quite expensive.

However when you factor in that you can install 3 hard drives, a DVD drive, a dual slot PCI-E card, all running on the latest technology, you have a very, very impressive unit.

It's not the quietest, it's not the smallest. But the SN25P is easily the most impressive gaming SFF system I've ever seen.

  • TeraCube - easy to install over 1 TB of storage in a SFF system
  • NF4 chipset brings top notch performance
  • Looks great!
  • Smart fans are really smart
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Integrated 8-in-1 memory card reader
  • Wonderful audio controller
  • Seamless installation, perfect fit & finish inside
  • Good digital audio options
  • External CMOS reset is clever

  • Expensive
  • Is getting a bit big for an SFF
  • No PCI slot
  • Still no WiFi
  • Only comes in one colour
  • No PCI or PCI-E bus lock

Final Score: 97%