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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [04.05.05]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Moving back to the outside, USB and sound headers can be located just off to the side of the front bezel

Inside, these ports are connected using a standard USB header and individual sound headers.

Also pictured are the internal temperature probe and the font LED power connector which is not a pass-through connector.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a shot of the Trinity all lit up.

With the "Classic" line of cases, NZXT is attempting to jump into the lucrative mainstream market. To do so is no easy task. Mainstream users want a case that is first cheap, and then secondly functional, and attractive.

With the Trinity it would seem that NZXT has been able to accomplish two of these goals, unfortunately at the expense of the third.

Straight out of the box the Trinity is an obvious eye catcher. With its sleek and simple lines and mirror finish it doesn't look out of place next to cases costing hundreds of dollars more. Unfortunately in order to keep the price down NZXT has to scrimp on functionality. The tool less drive rails aside, this is a no frills case in tems of functionality.

I am especially disappointed at the lack of included 120mm fans that should be a standard for anything beyond a vanilla case now, and wouldn't carry much of an increase in cost.

Functionality aside though, you can't really complain about getting a case this pretty for under seventy dollars (without a PSU). If you're not a fan of case windows you can save yourself another ten dollars and get a unit with a solid side panel.

Currently the only versions of the Trinity we've been able to find in the retail market are a black version with a window and 400W PSU for $82.50 at, and a silver version, also with a window and 400W PSU, for $89.50 at

All and all NZXT's Trinity is a solid first entry into the mainstream case market, but one with lots of room for improvement.

  • Nicest Finish Around
  • Seamless Side Window
  • Tool Less Drive Rails
  • Just Sexy!

  • No Frills Interior equates to a lot of features missing
  • No Removable Mobo Tray
  • HDD Cage Blocks Intake Airflow
  • "Slim" Case Fan?
  • 80mm fans

Final Score: 84%